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14 mai 2009 4 14 /05 /mai /2009 13:33
I Heart You Online
Deux charmantes demoiselles britanniques
Hannah-Rei et Sophie Madeleine ont composées et interprètent la chanson intitulé I Heart You Online , l'instrument est un ukulélé, pas besoin d'être une star pour avoir du talent, un joli petit air de printemps en tous cas...

          A song about feeling amorous towards someone on a social networking site.

Every morning I wake up, with lingering dreams of you
And my heart is beguiled
I struggle to think just what else I can do
Than log into my favourite online social networking website!

I want to be in your profile picture
I want to be a permanent fixture
On your wall
You're so beautiful

I want to be in your profile status
Feature in the place where you update us
Maybe then I'll have you in mine
I heart you online

I can see from your information
You like japanese animation
And stir-fry
Well so do I

I've read the books that you love reading
I must say you're quite appealing
Maybe you could poke me some time!
I heart you online

ba ba da....
Click on my face and tell me that you love me!

You sent a message with three kisses
Could be wrong, but I think this is
Your way
To convey

That my love's not unrequited
But I won't get too excited
Since you're only virtually mine
I heart you online
I heart you online
I heart you online

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babel92 23/05/2009 00:54

Belle chanson.J'aime beaucoup.

zanni 18/05/2009 13:34

c joli

antoine 16/05/2009 11:13

sinon je me ferai un pllllllllllllllaisir de vous produir...

nardoni 16/05/2009 11:11

génial les filles trouvé vite un producteur!!!